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Archangel Michael channeling
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who is Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael is known to us as the higher angelic frequency of protection that leads the ' legions of light' for and on behalf of God or ' All that is'. Clad in the colours of Fire, he has golden hair, is strong and powerful and wears a breastplate emblazoned with a lion's head. He carries a sapphire sword, sometimes referred to as his wand of fire with which he thrusts against the enemies of Light. In symbolic terms, those enemies are represented by the Devil and the Dark Forces. His star is the Sun, and his direction is South.

He is depicted as a glorious character and a magnificent being whose spectre is often described as being radiant light riding a white horse.

In practical terms, and for spiritual purposes, Archangel Michael is seen as the protector and the slayer of what in the material world manifests as the lower characteristics or the more base human personality, which is driven by fear.

It is through the metaphorical slaying of fear that we are able to transcend the more base instincts and restrictions and raise our frequency to connect with the higher mind or the super conscious which are the keys to the gate that allows entry across The Bridge.

Archangel Michael and Spirituality

Truth and enlightenment are always hidden behind the illusions that come through fear. Whether it is our fear to speak out against injustice for worry about what others might say or think about us, or our reluctance to tell the truth because we might offend or hurt another, or indeed face criticism for doing so, fear blocks our potential, our ability to live in truth and ultimately our connection with source, our higher self or the higher frequencies and realms made freely available to us when we open our hearts and our minds to what is and not what we fear.

There is always a way to speak truth without offending or hurting another, and the price paid for standing up for injustice is no match for the gift of self respect, self awareness and self enlightenment. To fail to face these insignificant worries is not worthy of your current gift of incarnation. Ultimately, these fears are given to us to face, see for the illusions that they are and to overcome. If you live in the western world, where the price for truth is so often merely an emotional one, born out of nothing more than social conditioning, then you are blessed and your failure to face them carries great Karma, for such fears are as scratches on the knee by comparison to the great wounds faced by others in less fortunate surroundings and environments at this current time in your earth's history.

It is in this quest for truth that Archangel Michael give us inspiration and motivation to connect with a higher authority and to seek our own higher truth. He represents the might and the will of ' All that is' and he carries with him for each of us the guiding powers of faith and ultimate protection against the darkness. Through the guiding protection of the Archangel Michael we are each more able to open our hearts and our minds to releasing fear, ego and self and trusting in the higher will and all knowingness of God or ' All that is'.

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